Apartment Living Advantages

You will have your own room, own bathroom, own space.

Full Size Kitchen
Cook at home and save money! You ever try cooking cupcakes in a dorm?

No Dining Hall Food
You're not paying for food you probably don't want to eat anyway! Again, you're saving money.

Ability To Choose Bed Size
Remember how huge that queen bed was? You can have one in your apartment!

Ability To Choose Décor
One word, IKEA.

You Can Choose Your Own Furniture
And build it... IKEA.

You Now Have Space For An Actual Couch
That you built... IKEA. But hey, it's still a couch.

You Can Invite Guests That Aren't Students
Did someone say "Dinner Party"?

No RA (Resident Advisor) Looming Over You
Freedom and peace of mind that nobody is watching your every move. You're welcome!

You Don't Have A Bedtime
Now you can play music late, while you do your homework or study!

Study Space / Personal Space
You can close the door and have total privacy!

Private Bathroom
But, you do have to buy your own toilet paper. Totally worth it.

No Reason To Wear Flip-Flops In The Shower
You were wearing flip-flops, right?

No Random Roommate Pairing
Choose your own friends.

No Mandatory Quiet Hours
More or less.

You Can Bring Your Pet
Cats and dogs welcome!

Choose A Neighborhood You Like
There are other parks besides Washington Square... Here check out our MAP and find your perfect neighborhood.

Diverse Neighborhoods
You can meet real people and build your network.

Meet Non-Students
You won't be a student forever either.

Your Dating Life
Nuf' said.

Save Money
Dorms aren't cheap.

You Can Still Bunk Up
A cheap 2 bed can easily sleep 5 people!

You'll Become More Responsible
Talk about self sustainability and living on your own.


And most of all, you can say "my Apartment" Because you #madethemove

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