Rhoveia F.     31 March 2018

Brian Rainey has the best team! Brian at The DiGiulio Group was extremely professional and caring. It was a wonderful experience. We found our apartment on the first outing! That’s how efficient he was in paying attention to the details of our requests. Having a terrible experience with a realtor in the past discouraged us from agencies. However we took a chance with Brian and was NOT disappointed! I strongly recommend Brian Rainey of The DiGiulio Group!

Tommaso P.     31 March 2018

Honestly, the NY estate market is already challenging, but if you're an international college student looking for an 1 person apartment, it's pretty much Hell - people are apparently very reluctant to take on a guarantor whose funds are on the other side of the Atlantic, and the few who do usually ask for a year upfront.

Adam Sindeband and his "A-Team" at The DiGiulio Group took the challenge in stride. We first met in January, and by the end of March, I had in my hands the lease for a nice studio in the East Village (literally, walking distance from NYU), and best of all, it was month-by-month. They also set me up with utilities providers and furnishers. And most importantly, they were kind and patient, and guided me through every step.

Seriously, if you're in need of help looking for apts in NY, go to them.

Billy O.         22 March 2017

Brian Rainey and his team were great to work with. They were friendly, attentive, and thoroughly walked us through the process of finding an apartment, taking the time to answer all of our questions. In the end, they helped us find a great place that fit our needs.

Kellie         21 March 2017

I worked with Mike to help some colleagues move to NYC and he was very helpful and responsive. The guys found an apartment they love and it's been a great transition for all.

Thanks, Mike!

Maxim S.     28 February 2018

The customer service at this place is exceptional. These guys really know the city and have all the relationships to make it easy for you to find a place. I also really liked how they are available any time and any day of the week to answer your questions. Great experience overall. Gala is the best and amazing!

Elizabeth G.     27 February 2018

Having moved recently to the city from the heart and soul of the Midwest, I had some serious anxiety about just about EVERY puzzle piece of the great apartment-hunt jigsaw. In the capable hands of Adam of The DiGiulio Group, all those anxieties were put to rest. 

The search for a great rental apartment in New York is truly terrifying if you're new to it's eccentricities. The first hurdle to get over is--NO--It's not scary, it's EFFICIENT to "go into the office" to chat before seeing that great apartment you think you're going to love on StreetEasy or HotPads or NakedApartments...etc. etc. you get the picture. 

Prior to getting in touch with Adam, I had worked with a lot of chaos. A lot of brokers getting my phone number and sending misspelled, erratic, and sometimes even harassing texts. I saw offices that didn't deserve that name because they looked like they were adrift in a post-hurricane-sea-of-un-dealt-with-paperwork, or maybe they were full of unfriendly pushy agents. Let's just say, I came in with BAGGAGE to my appointment with The DiGiulio Group. If only I'd known how different this experience would be...

By getting the full picture of what my roommates and I were looking for, and what we had to offer a potential landlord... Adam was able to put together a great list of fantastic apartments that met our desires in a realistic way, and ones that he felt we had a good chance of being approved for. Adam also introduced me to a neighborhood I never would have thought to look at before, and totally fell in love with! He really knows the city well, and knew exactly how to match our needs to a great area. I felt like I was in great hands with his guidance. 

Once the list was put together, the "A-Team" was a superb guide. They led me through each apartment, and with an inquisitive ear--really listened to what I responded (or didn't respond) to in each unit, keeping in touch with Adam (back at the office) so they could work together to find the right match for what we were seeking. His team had a great sense of the city, offering helpful tidbits along the way, and a terrific handle on the individual neighborhoods as well. I appreciated his wonderful sense of humor, his dedication to his job, and the kindness and respect he treated me to every step of the way! It was a pleasure to get to know him over the course of our time searching together. 

Here's the deal. These guys are awesome. Bottom line? They care about their clients. They're like matchmakers--but for real estate. You will be in fantastic hands with them, and you won't regret the choice to give them a ring. Apartment hunting in New York is scary and stressful...but it doesn't have to be when you surround yourself with an awesome team. These folks are the real deal, and I intend to tell all my friends (and you!) just that. The next time I have to throw myself into the rat race that is the NYC apartment hunt...rather than trying to play wack-a-mole with each apartment that crosses my filters on the latest app, The DiGiulio Group will be my FIRST phone call.

Hillary T.         26 February 2016

I want to start off my saying that in a city that is often considered heartless and way too aggressive, Brian is a breath of fresh air. He is a true gentlemen and maintains the southern roots he was brought up with. I very recently had the pleasure of working with him under some difficult circumstances and he was absolutely unflappable...never stressing (if he did, he didn''t show it in front of me or let on the many times we spoke), always upbeat, positive, encouraging, friendly, extremely patient, and ready to go to bat for me. On our first meeting, he listened carefully to what I needed, wanted, and could afford (KEY!) and suggested some places/areas I never would have considered. I ended up falling in love with an area of the city I never would have thought and am so looking forward to moving in soon. I think Brian has a gut instinct about people that many brokers don''t have. I never got the feeling that he was just trying to make money off me for the sake of it. I truly felt me wanted to make me happy and find the right place for me. I must also give a huge thank you and shout out to Brian''s colleague Stephen who ran around the city from one borough to another with me looking at apartments until we finally found the ONE. What patience he had and always with a smile.

Polina F.         18 February 2016

I can't recommend anyone more highly than Brian Rainey. We decided to sell our house in Staten Island and move to an apartment in Downtown Brooklyn and Brian was incredibly helpful in our search, always respectful, never pushy. We found a wonderful place! Couldn't be happier!

Ramzy H.     11 February 2016

I initially wrote a glowing review when I first went in. Just wanted to update it saying that I just signed leases on a new apartment for my brother and myself today! 
The team was awesome! They were super happy to see me return and seemed to genuinely enjoy their work and giving me the good news when I got approved!
I'll be back the next time I move and plan to send my friends their way when they need to move.

Princess H.     2 February 2016

After looking at dozens of places with multiple agents downtown, I met with Justin at his office in Midtown and reassessed my situation. He was so knowledgeable and I was able to find and apply for a place that night. Fingers crossed!

Adam T.         25 January 2016

As someone who's moved around a LOT in the city, I've come to understand that meeting with 20 different brokers to see 20 different apartments is not at all efficient. I went out with a mission to find the one agency that I can trust and offers great service. I'm so happy I came across one of their ads and stumbled into their office.

Apartment hunting is a stressful process. And pushy agents that only care about their bottom line make it worse. These guys really understand that. From the moment I walked in the door, there was a sense of calm and professionalism, which lays in stark contrast to the barely-controlled chaos at other agencies. They not only found me a great apartment (seriously it's amazing!), but they also made me a more informed renter and gave me lots of advice for the future.

If you're looking for an apartment, they're definitely a good first stop (and I bet they'll be your last!)

Myer F.         11 January 2016

Marc was responsive and put in effort to assess your needs before visiting the apts. This is great, we just happened to find a place before Marc got to showing us any.

John O.     11 January 2017

Marc was great. He was able to find exactly what I was looking for, and stayed in my budget. He showed me 5 different apartments all at once. Saved me a lot of time. The 4th one was absolutely perfect. I filled out an application, got my paper work together, and Marc got me approved the next day. Very smooth transaction. I would recommend him to anyone.

Lisa S.        15 November 2015

(Re. Mike Djozic) He is the only agent I'm working with!

Christine S.      16 November 2016

I had an amazing experience with The DiGiulio Group. Having just moved to the city for a new job, I was really pressed for time in my search for a new apartment. Gala Chan was an outstanding agent - she was incredibly patient, resourceful, and always made sure to show me apartments that met my criteria... I wouldn't hesitate to work with Gala again...

Conor O.    5 November 2017

Justin was great. I was working with someone prior to him, and had conversations with a handful of other agents, and they dragged their feet, sometimes straight-up lied to me, and good apartments were disappearing right and left. Justin was different ...

Justin is a person (!), saw that I was upset, and told me, "Look, I'm not going to jerk you around. If we can find something for you, I''ll do my best to put you in it... We crunched the numbers, got all my paperwork together, and he had one of his associates go with me to check out a few apartments that same afternoon. I found the one I wanted, he cut me a deal on the commission since I came to him, and we got the lease signed as soon as the landlord was able.

Listen, finding a place in Manhattan is a nightmare. I went through the ringer looking for one and was fed up. But Justin was honest, respectful of my time, and got me into an apartment that I love. The dude is good people ... Highly recommended.

Alexis A.        22 October 2017

Great Broker!

Alex B.         21 October 2015

Great team! Efficient and organized.

Samantha B.     20 October 2016

Bottom line: We all came to New York City to be successful, right? And being successful means you're busy, right?  And being busy also means you work extremely hard for your money, right?  Exactly.  This is my second recommendation for The DiGiulio Group whom I first worked with when they were part of another property group.  I worked with Adam last year who was exceptional and am now working with Justin and Brian to find a new apartment for myself and my boyfriend, come the first snowfall.  This team is comprised of people who are honest, transparent and fast.  I travel a lot for work and really appreciate the fact that the team listens to my credentials and then narrows down my search to the top three best apartments that fit my budget and are in great locations. Saves time and energy and listen, it's their job to run around the city!  Not mine. Their new office is gorgeous, the team is communicative and they hit it out of the park for myself and my friends, every time.  Be flexible, be specific, be a good listener and let The DiGiulio Group find the perfect home for you.

Bobbie D.     24 September 2016

Brian was very attentive to my specific apartment detail requests. He was very courteous and professional. ... I would definitely recommend Brian Rainey for your apt. search needs!

Good Luck!

Denzel W.     24 September 2017

"I would recommend JB at The DiGiulio Group to anyone who asks. They initially have you meet at their office building, which is mildly annoying, but also helps make everything clear before the search gets started. He showed us 6 different apartments on the same day, with a range of sizes and prices, and helped us find a place that fit into our budget and met all our needs. If you do work with this company, specifically ask for JB".

Daryn C.        05 August 2015

Definitely a fan of this place. I came to Adam at The DiGiulio Group, after having looked at 10 apartments already. They were quick and efficient and I found an apt that first day! Since then, the follow ups have been wonderful. Definitely use Adam! He knew what I wanted and was dedicated in helping me find a place.

Margarette G.         28 July 2017

After ages spent unpacking I can finally sit down and tell you all what a pleasure it was working with Adam and his team.

I found some places I liked via Craigslist and Hotpads, and I got calls from all kinds of brokers in response; a deluge. When I spoke with Adam I knew he was going to be the one to find my perfect spot.  I had a VERY specific set of requirements: between 86th and 155th anywhere west of Malcolm X, good light, train access to the 1 (going to Columbia for graduate school in September), an August 1 move date, and a serious kitchen (none of this rinky-dink hallway and a hot plate bullshit.) After a number of follow ups, and pushing back of our search dates, I got a text asking if I could meet at 6pm that day. Adam had found "the perfect spot" and "thought of me immediately." I checked it out, and put a deposit that very night. Adam worked late into the night to ensure that the apartment was mine.

Cut to the next day and the fight with another potential renter...after numerous phone calls, guarantor forms, and pushing the move date I came down to their office dead on my feet from a 14 hour shift at work, and signed everything. The apartment was mine.

I could not be happier with my apartment and my experience!!




Joe K         28 July 2017

It is a pleasure to share my experiences with Roshd and Justin [and The DiGiulio Group]. I had spent about a month looking at apartments from Queens, Brooklyn and more and dealing with the realty bandits and really met anyone who I really thought really cared where I would live or was sensitive to my frustration. A dear friend from Hawaii who is as particular as I am all of sudden was eased at finding a place in Astoria. I heard to sigh as he was also frustrated in searching. I first met Justin, who suggested an area I had never heard of.. ( Hamilton Heights )... turns out Justin had lived there and wanted me to have this same experience that he had while living there. It was his personal touch, that I knew he was compassionate in helping me locate some new haven. Roshd took me around, I was bitching all the way complaining about whatever I could complain about. He said he had found me the place... and guess what, it was the place, is intuition was right on cue and voila, there it was in Hamilton Heights and I have to deliberately say that it is the perfect spot for me and I have never loved a living situation as this both neighborhood and the actual apartment.. I am so contented and peaceful, like I am living in a new invented country. I have since recommended [The DiGiulio Group] to anyone I know who is madly searching like I was like... bravo!!!

Scott B.         28 July 2017

My experience with Kazi and Justin DiGiulio was excellent. They were very upfront and transparent throughout the process. Very knowledgeable about what amenities are available for certain price ranges in different locations and also knew the surround area very well in the different boroughs. Kazi was very responsive in all types of communication, phone, text, and email. He was very dedicated to finding the perfect apartment to fit my needs, offered great suggestions, and was not pushy while viewing units. Even when I was late to an appointment, Kazi was very friendly and pleasant. Highly recommended.

Marcy P.      28 July 2017

Great company!!! John Brian was amazing!!!

Rob E.         28 July 2017

I used this company a few months ago with a broker named Roshd. I do not usually use brokers but due to my limited timeframe and budget, I used this company. This company was incredible and Roshd was very knowledgeable about NYC. He listened to me and showed me only apartments within my budget and the neighborhood that I wanted. He was efficient as he found great apartments for great prices. My roommate was indecisive but he had so much patience with us. I had a limited budget and he worked a miracle and got me a large 2 bedroom in Harlem for a steal. I am so happy with my new home and impressed with the professionalism of this company. I highly recommend Roshd and The DiGiulio Group!

Dorothy J.     28 July 2017

I recently moved to NYC with my husband and we didn't have a large budget. I reached out to a few brokers, but I found Mike at [The DiGiulio Group] and felt comfortable with him right away. He's not a swindler like most brokers. He totally took care of us. He found us an apartment we would have NEVER found without a broker in an area right next to Central Park - and dog friendly!

We will never use Craigslist again. Only Mike!

Sam B.         20 May 2017

I moved to NYC in a hurry a couple years ago and had a heck of a time doing so without a broker and never meeting my landlord face to face. When I decided to move again this year in a hurry, I reached out to ... Adam Sindeband. I was a little weary about working with a broker but didn't want to go through the stress of moving alone.

Adam responded to my email within five minutes and set up an appointment to meet in his office prior to looking at apartments. As someone with a constantly busy schedule BUT ALSO works in sales and client relations, I really respected that he wanted to meet with me first and go over my options, rather than drag me around the city with no direction like a few brokers did from different companies.

Once we went over the different areas of the city I loved that were within my budget, we gracefully discussed fees and other money related questions and then we were out the door.

Adam brought me swiftly to three different apartments and when I fell in love with one of them, he was able to put in my deposit and my application and I was approved and in my new place by the end of the week. I think some people don't realize that in NYC, there isn't a moment to spare in real estate and if your broker is anxious to get you settled, it's because finding a place you love, is rare. And chances are, 19 other people also love it so you need to act fast!

Throw on your walking shoes on, have your checkbook handy and call... They will make finding an apartment, signing papers and moving easy and stress free. Remember, they're experts at what they do and their hearts are in the right place.

Mel G.         19 February 2018

I worked with Justin and Thomas and I couldn't have been treated better. I had to be out of my situation in less than two months.  

In one of the worst low temps., ice, and snow years in NYC,  I was able to secure a place in Astoria where I wanted to be- within two weeks!  They kept within my parameters in terms of cost and took into consideration access to transportation to work, lifestyle, etc.  

You can't be lazy.  You need to help them help you by being realistic about the NYC market.  That market is truly shocking by any U.S. standards.  You also need to be flexible about seeing places.  I suggest that you check listings for yourself and get a realistic expectation about neighborhoods you would like to be in. Do your homework and get in touch with them.  

Justin and Thomas do not disappoint.  I hadn't needed to search for 16 years and my situation was shocking.  Their professionalism helped alleviate the shock.  Call them.

Zillow User     25 November 2016

I have nothing but nice things to say about Justin DiGiulio. He was extremely helpful through the very stressful process of finding an apartment in NYC. I would HIGHLY recommend Justin to anyone looking for an apartment. He is by far the best broker I have worked with in NYC. Justin is very honest and upfront, which is hard to find in a broker.

Justin's calm demeanor, positive attitude, and vast knowledge of the real estate industry made working with him very enjoyable. Justin made sure I found the apartment I was looking for and was very respectful of my budget. I will definitely be working with him in the future.

Steven B.     25 November 2017

While I did not go with Justin in the end after a long search, he was very knowledgeable about the properties that were on the market and worked closely with me to find an apartment that was in the neighborhood that would have fit my needs...

Suzan M.         13 November 2016

Really got great service from Justin DiGiulio... [The DiGiulio Group] was a great guide helping to find me a place in NYC after being in the burbs for 30 yrs. They were knowledgeable & diligent & I would highly recommend them as a team if you're looking for a place in any of the boroughs of New York.

G.K.         13 November 2017

I had an AMAZING experience that saved my life when I needed to find a great apartment very quickly. I responded to their ad, which contained entirely accurate pics and description, asked to see the place in their ad, they gladly showed me the apartment and other great ones that met my description, and I had my dream place that same day.

An EXCELLENT experience with JUSTIN. Totally cool, professional, kind, friendly, and moved things along with honesty and efficiency. And that they are lookers did not hurt the experience either. Will definitely go back next time I need a place, which won't be soon, as they found me exactly what I wanted!

Gabrielle R.     13 November 2016

Justin was so efficient with all the paper work and more than helpful and accommodating with our situation as this was our first lease in the US (we are both British and just moved out here) we needed some extra things that Justin helped us obtain easily :-)

Frances F.     13 November 2016

Justin!!! Where would we be without you?! Thank you for your expertise and guidance.

Before we met you, I was ALL BUT giving up on NYC realtors trying to find an inexpensive apartment for my daughter from out of town. You were AMAZING and so on the ball! You are now the official realtor of the Foster family for NYC... I have more business for you in the spring with our eldest.

Seriously, Justin anticipated issues we might have with a co-op to prepare us and even knew BETTER than the listing agent (whose mistakes and misinformation she had to pay for herself).

We had seriously spoken to 4 other realtors who had flaked on us and even MET another realtor in the city who was NOT PREPARED even with our advanced appointment. We were motivated clients looking to commit quickly and didn't think NYC realtors wanted our business.

Justin, you knew what we were looking for and took into consideration our concerns about getting our daughter in a safe, affordable apartment within a reasonable commute to work and school.

I am happy at the lucky chance that I found you on the web... thank you, thank you!

Amy D.         13 November 2016

Justin [was] wonderful to work with... Understood what we wanted in an apartment ... very thorough in making sure we found an apartment in the neighborhood we saw fit for our lifestyle....

You get what you pay for. We wouldn't have been able to find our home without their hard work and we are appreciative.

Not to mention it was a great experience for a southern couple moving to the city! Anyone I know who needs to go through the process of renting an apartment in NYC, I will send them to Justin!

Christine N.     13 November 2015

I owe these guys a review.

Over the month Justin helped me transfer the lease solely to my name...

Justin catered to me amazingly well.

Before you come to an agency, you have to have realistic expectations of what they offer and the extent of their control.

What really impressed me most about Justin was his impeccable patience. He is VERY good at dealing with crazy, difficult women like myself.

Whenever I call Justin, he always eventually got back to me with an honest answer, a resource, or a suggestion. And I HATED half of them. He assured me things would be okay and sometimes I'd snap back at him (you don't tell a pissed off woman to calm down kind of thing). He also made some [jokes] to try to lighten the situation that I didn't appreciate at the time but in retrospect, I see his efforts.

Justin did follow ups and wrote me a very sincere letter that threw me off guard. It was very nice, especially after I was such a pain (sorry!!).

He's an absolute sweetheart and loves what he does. He's a true professional.

Rachel F.         13 November 2014

At first … Justin showed us places way uptown, but he ended up being right about that being the neighborhood where we'd get what we wanted (laundry nearby, dog friendly, near a subway stop). I instantly felt very comfortable with he and his assistant, because they made a great team. Justin was very businesslike and his colleague, who took us uptown to see the apartments, was very chatty, open, and friendly.

Justin [urged] us to sign right away and we, being wary of brokers, declined in favor of going to Brooklyn to see a no-fee realtor's listings. [The Brooklyn broker] was the one who ended up seeming like a scam: Showed us places way above our price range because the ones she'd talked about had vanished, wanted something like 4 months rent up front, tried to convince us that a basement with no door was a suitable fourth bedroom....and so on.

We ran back to Justin and got our paperwork in, but it was too late: We'd lost the first apartment. Justin found us FOUR comparable properties to see the next day, and one of them is where we ended up. We love it.

He also was very helpful through some nightmarish circumstances on our end (a roommate backing out after the deposit was already in) and didn't begrudge us the ten or more phone calls a day we made to his office. He gave us a reduced fee since we're students, and ended up cutting it down even more to make up for the slightly higher rent at apartment we ended up with. All in all, he earned his fee.

Peggy P.         13 November 2016

Justin [is] the best!! My roommate and I are kind of pros when it comes to apartment hunting in Manhattan and now how painstakingly time-consuming and stressful it is. But, after inquiring about a perfect apartment that we found off NakedApartments.com with Justin, he hopped right to it and scheduled a viewing for us that evening.

When we showed up, there were about 8 other people viewing so we were really nervous about not getting it! Justin actually stayed in the office till 10PM that evening to help us get our applications filled out and get all the necessary docs together!! Definitely made us feel a lot more confident with the process. I understand he’s trying to get the deal ... but it's a two-way street, we also REALLY wanted the apartment.

There was no sneaky business. ... The apartment was just as it was listed, specs/price and all. They took care of us every step of the way and have kind of changed our perspective on the process (which I never thought could ever happen in NYC).

Hattie S.         15 April 2017

First off, I’ll say I was extremely overwhelmed by the conquest of relocating permanently to a city I’ve visited one time. Compared to Chicago, New York has quite a few differences in formalities when it comes to renting an apartment... Not to mention NYC is significantly larger than Chicago – which presents that much more to digest (neighborhood vibes & offerings, safety, affordability, etc.). Justin was prepared with an answer to my every question (I had a LOT of them). Him & his associate squashed any and all insecurity with legitimately helpful pros/cons. The viewing/showing process was not gimmicky or pushy (which I cannot say about all brokers! – Many of which I witnessed during mass-showings). And the initially intimidating application process turned out to be a total breeze! Upon approval, a genuine “congrats” was SO appreciated & made me feel legitimately welcomed. And even after signatures had been written & checks had been delivered, Justin remained available for questions about keys, utilities, etc. – which is a RARE quality post-transaction. If I could do it all over again, I’d hands-down select Justin to be my broker... and hey, if I ever choose to move to a new apartment I won’t hesitate to use him again either.

Michael N.     24 August 2017

Cristina ...really tried to teach us about the process while looking for the best spaces for us.

Amy X.          25 July 2017

The DiGiulio Group is great! He would respond my message quick and work positively with me to try to help find a great apartment in NYC!

Dyfed R.         13 January 2016

Justin DiGiulio was polite, professional and fast. He offered me a great range of apartments for review.

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